Homeowners Guide to Foundation Inspections In Toledo, OH

March 2, 2022

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Every homeowner should invest in a yearly foundation inspection for their Toledo property. A full-scale inspection spots damage as it develops, so you can schedule prompt repairs. In turn, a property owner can avoid more costly fixes down the road. Additionally, timely repairs prevent secondary damage such as wall and ceiling cracks, water leaks, and mold growth.

However, some homeowners put off needed foundation inspections simply because they don’t know what they include! Also, a homeowner might wonder if they should be home during the inspection and how much they might cost. To put your mind at ease, note what’s typically included in a residential foundation inspection. You can then discuss this information with a foundation repair company near you as needed.

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What’s Included During a Foundation Inspection in Toledo?

Note a few details and steps included for most residential foundation inspections. This information can help you better know what to expect when you schedule an inspection for your home!

Foundation inspections usually start with an interview

Don’t be surprised if a foundation inspection contractor starts his or her work by first asking you lots of questions! They might ask about cracks around the house, squeaking floors, plumbing issues, and the like. Also, a contractor will usually inquire about the home’s age, work done to the property, and so on.

This preliminary information gives a foundation repair contractor a better overall understanding of potential foundation damage. It also helps ensure they don’t overlook any potential cause of damage!

An inspector checks floor elevation

Uneven floors commonly signal foundation damage including settling and sinking. In turn, an inspector will usually check floor elevations throughout your home. He or she might also ask about squeaky, groaning, and other unusual noises coming from the floors!

Homeowners would also do well to note issues with floor tiles or hardwood floors. As a home settles, this pulls floor tiles out of place or can cause floor planks to “pop.” If you notice these issues around your house, make note of them before the inspector arrives.

Next, it’s time for a visual inspection

Of course, a foundation inspection contractor will visually check your property! However, note that they look at more than just the foundation itself. For example, they will usually note if doors and windows stick. Additionally, they might even check their frames to see if they’re out of level.

An inspector will also look for popped drywall nails, gaps in room corners, and uneven baseboards and crown molding. He or she might also check for signs of water leaks along walls, including standing water in the basement. Also, an inspector might note sign of mold growth and insect or rodent infestation.

Since moisture along a foundation is a leading cause of damage, the inspection might include your property’s soil. Your inspector might check its grade, to note if it’s allowing for proper water runoff. Additionally, he or she might note if there is too much soil against the foundation. This can hold excess moisture and risk long-term damage.

Your inspection contractor will typically offer recommendations

A homeowner might be surprised when a foundation inspection contractor offers recommendations along with their final report! However, most inspection reports note the best repair method, based on damage extent and other such factors. Also, remember that an inspector might also be a repair contractor, so he or she is familiar with current repair options.

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How Much Does a Foundation Inspection Cost?

Most homeowners can expect to pay between $350 and $500 for a foundation inspection. However, many foundation repair companies offer free inspections and price quotes. Don’t assume that these free inspections are somehow low-quality! After all, there is no one more qualified to spot and assess foundation damage than a repair contractor.

How Often Should You Schedule a Foundation Inspection?

Newly constructed homes might need a foundation inspection after just five years. While this might seem quick, note that age is not the only risk for damage! Poor-quality materials and installation process can risk premature damage. Also, excessive soil moisture can risk damage, as said.

After that initial inspection, you might wait another five years before scheduling your next service call. Then, consider a foundation inspection every three years or so. This schedule ensures you spot damage quickly and can schedule prompt repairs.

Also, schedule a foundation inspection after anything that risks damage. For example, have the foundation inspected if your home went through a flood. You should also schedule an inspection before any construction projects that add weight to the property. An inspection will note the foundation’s strength or if it needs added support before undertaking renovations.

Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to provide this information about foundation inspections in Toledo to our readers. We hope you found it helpful! To ensure your property is in good condition, call our Toledo foundation repair contractors. We’ll schedule a no-cost, no-obligation inspection at your earliest convenience. To get your property started, contact us today!

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