How are Foundations Repaired (& When to Call the Professionals)

October 30, 2022

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Not all homes have a basement, but when they do they form an essential part of the home’s foundation. The bad part about having a basement is that, just like other types of foundations, you can experience serious problems that could put the structure of your home at risk. On a positive note, having a basement may allow you to see problems as they arise and address them as quickly as possible before they become major. Typically, a basement is a place where you may do laundry or have some form of entertainment. Since this part of the house is inhabited, changes in the area would be very noticeable. Read on to learn more about how are foundations repaired and when you should call professionals to help with your basement foundation.

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Common Foundation Problems for Basements

Before any foundation contractor can start work on fixing your basement, they will need to know what the problem is. Some foundation problems may be minor problems costing a few hundred dollars while others may be significant, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Here are some of the most common problems you can expect with your basement foundation repair.


Cracking is one of those problems that may cause you very little money or a huge amount of money depending on the type of crack. Hairline cracks in the surface of your walls or floors may only require cosmetic fixes. However, some cracks may be large ones, particularly gaps of 1/8 inch or more. Large gaps such as these could indicate that there are major foundation problems and structural issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent other problems with your home.


Another problem that you may have in your basement is leaks. Many leaks can be caused by water forming at the base of your foundation. Water can form at the base of your foundation due to improper installation of gutters or damage to your gutters. Additionally, water can form at the base of your foundation because of improper drainage on your lawn. These problems can be remedied by installing items such as French drains to help get rid of excess water. Another problem that can cause leaks is the buildup of hydrostatic pressure on the basement walls of your foundation create this is commonly caused by too much pressure from water and soil buildup leaning against the basement walls. This is usually remedied by installing a sump pump. However, if the sump pump is not installed or isn't working correctly this hydrostatic pressure presses walls inward and creates leaks


Leaks aren't the only problems caused by hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls. In addition to leaks, too much pressure can cause foundation walls to lean inward creating a bowing effect. Unfortunately, too much bowing can lead to collapsed foundation walls, leaving your home vulnerable to other significant damages.

Major House Movement

Boeing isn't the only reason there may be shifts in the foundation of the home. There could also be movement underneath the home from soil shifting upward or downward. This can also cause problems with the foundation that may cause the house to become unleveled.

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How Are Foundations Repaired - Common Repair Methods

There are many problems that can arise from foundations and only a thorough inspection can reveal the best option for repair. Here are a few options that a foundation repair expert may suggest to fix your basement foundation problems.


If you have minor hairline cracks in your wall or basement that or unsightly, the foundation expert may suggest that you feel the man with epoxy. As long as these cracks aren't structural, the repairs should be minor, and the cost should be low.

Mud or Slab Jacking

Sometimes the cracks in your basement floor made not be severe but filling them with epoxy may not be the answer. In such cases, the foundation contractor may suggest mud or poly jacking. This is a process in which a foundation pro would drill a hole in the foundation and fill the whole with a cement flurry or polyurethane mix. The cement flurry may last upwards of ten years while the polyurethane mix may last several decades. Both of these methods are designed to lift your concrete floor back into place.


If your basement keeps forming pools of water or your walls seem to be leaking, then you may need waterproofing. This is a method of placing a sealant or a type of paint on the walls and floors of your basement to keep water from seeping in.

Wall Straps

If your walls are experiencing significant bowing, then you may need a few fixes to remedy the problem. One fix is to stop the bowing in its tracks by placing wash wraps on the basement walls. These wall straps are made of strong carbon fiber that prevents the walls from continuing to bow inward, potentially causing major foundation damage.

Sump Pump Installation

In addition to adding wall straps to your wall to prevent collapse, another option to reduce hydrostatic pressure on the home may be to install a sump pump. This device allows water to come into your home and funnels it right back out into the streets. This will minimize the hydrostatic pressure of the soil by removing the water and carefully maneuvering it away from your house.


If the soil is shifting under your home, it is possible that this could lead to major damage to your foundation. As a result, you may see apparent damage to your home. This could be huge gaps in the foundation, difficulty opening windows and doors, and uneven floors. All of these problems could indicate that your home needs piers foundation repair. This type of basement repair is when your home is lifted back into place using concrete blocks or metal to push it back upwards. This will make your house level again and close the gaps.

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When Foundation Repair Isn’t Enough for Basement Repair

There are times when your foundation may not be the only problem. Sometimes foundation problems don't arise in a vacuum. Instead, there may be other issues that are causing foundation problems for your home. Here are some major issues with your home that could be causing foundation problems.

Underground Pipes

Many of the parts that provide water for your home or located underneath your house. Sometimes they are located underneath the foundation. Unfortunately, if there is a leak, this may cause the foundation to shift. As a result, your outdoor pipes may be to blame for the foundation problems. In order to solve the foundation problems, it may be necessary to have a plumber fix your outdoor pipe issues.

Tree Issues

Another problem that could arise underground is pesky tree roots growing wild. Much more mature trees will need much more space to grow. As a result, they may spread their roots underneath the foundation of your home. This could cause problems with your pipes, and it could even put pressure on your home’s foundation. To prevent trees from buckling your foundation, it may be a good idea to have tree and tree root removal services to prevent further foundation issues.

Roof Problems

Although it may seem as if roof problems shouldn't intertwine with foundation problems, it could happen particularly if the gutter of your home isn't properly channeling water away from your house. If this is the case, you will need to work with a local roofing company to fix problems with water pooling around the base of your foundation before you can have foundation repair completed.

Have you noticed any of these problems with your basement foundation? It may be time to call in the experts for foundation repair in Toledo. Foundation pros like those at Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists will be able to inspect your foundation and provide a free estimate on your repair services. Call (567) 318-7828 to learn more about how we can help you with basement repair and get back on solid ground!

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