7 Warning Signs Your Home Requires Crawl Space Repair in Toledo

July 5, 2022

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Homeowners should always schedule needed crawl space repair in Toledo promptly. The longer you put off crack patching, shimming, and other fixes, the more extensive foundation damage becomes. Additionally, a damaged crawl space often leads to secondary issues around the home. This might include wall and ceiling cracks, wood rot, insect infestation, damaged wiring and pipes, mold, and mildew.

However, one problem with scheduling crawl space repair in Toledo is not knowing when your property needs attention! Homeowners would do well to avoid going into damaged crawl spaces for an inspection. Also, you might not even know what to look for during that process!

To ensure you’re keeping your home in good condition, check out 7 warning signs of crawl space damage. Then, call a repair contractor if you notice any of these issues. Timely repairs protect your property and can keep those costs low.

repairing a crawl space in toledo

1. Musty odors might mean it’s time for crawl space repair in Toledo

Cracks and leaks inside a crawl space allow moisture to seep into a home’s interior spaces. That moisture often means mold along walls and mildew underneath carpeting. In turn, you might notice musty odors inside your home.

Also, note that this musty odor might originate form the floor more than anyplace else. A home’s floor is just above the crawl space so it’s likely to develop mold from trapped moisture. If you’ve ruled out all other causes such as a plumbing or roof leak, schedule a crawl space inspection!

2. Look for condensation on the home’s ductwork

Moisture seeping into a home through a damaged crawl space might collect inside its ductwork. Consequently, that ductwork might “sweat” or allow condensation to form. This condensation can also collect around registers and vents. Rather than just cleaning them, check the crawl space for needed patching and other repairs.

3. Pest infestation? Check the crawl space!

Most homeowners know to keep their homes free of food debris and trash, to avoid attracting pests. However, keep in mind that pests often nest near water sources, not just food sources! In turn, a damaged crawl space absorbing moisture from outside the home attracts insects, mice, rats, and other unwanted visitors.

Cracks along a home’s underside then let those pests into interior spaces. Moreover, pests like termites might eat their way through a home’s framing! If your home attracts pests consistently, have the crawl space checked for needed repairs.

4. Pay attention to the home’s floors

A home’s subflooring often absorbs moisture seeping in through a damaged crawl space. In turn, those floorboards might crack, sag, or outright split. Damaged flooring often feels spongy underneath your feet as you walk along its surface. Also, you might notice creaks, groaning, and other sounds.

A sagging foundation can also pull floor tiles and carpeting out of place. Consequently, you might notice uneven tiles or worn, threadbare carpet patches. Don’t simply repair these issues but have a contractor inspect the foundation and crawl space as well!

shifting floors before crawl space repairs in toledo oh

5. Don’t overlook mold growth in the home

Mold growth in a home often indicates foundation damage including cracks and leaks. Moisture seeping through those cracks allows mold to flourish, especially behind walls. As with other such issues, don’t simply clean this mold and ignore its potential cause! Have a contractor check the crawl space for cracks and moisture buildup after mold removal.

6. Wall and ceiling cracks often mean foundation damage!

As a home’s foundation settles and sinks, you might soon see cracks along walls and ceilings. That sinking foundation pulls on drywall and other solid surfaces, risking cracks. Rather than just patching these, have the crawl space checked for damage.

7. Do you notice cracked or sagging piers in the crawl space?

While homeowners shouldn’t inspect a crawl space themselves, you might notice sagging piers with just a quick glance! These piers hold up a home’s weight but might crack or sag over time. When this happens, they need immediate repairs or replacement.

Also, a homeowner might notice mold growing along those piers, water stains, and other signs of damage. Again, it’s vital that you avoid being in a damaged crawl space, so call a foundation contractor for an inspection. He or she can note the damage extent and recommend needed repairs.

Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to share this information about crawl space repair for Toledo homes. We hope you found it helpful for keeping your home in good repair! If you notice any of these issues on your property, call our Toledo foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE inspections and guaranteed fixes that last. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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