A Complete Guide: What Does Foundation Repair Consist Of?

January 28, 2022

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Are you a homeowner asking, what does foundation repair consist of? Property owners rightly want to know what to expect when contractors are working around their home! However, you might also wonder if those repairs are worth their cost.

Expert foundation fixes are always an excellent investment for any home. One reason for this is that foundation damage only gets worse the longer it’s ignored. Check out some added details about what foundation repair consists of, so you know what to expect with your property.

What Does Foundation Repair Consist Of?

Foundation repair methods vary according to foundation design and damage extent. To better understand what foundation repair consists of, consider some different foundation repair methods.

Foundation crack repair

Minor cracks might only need filling with an epoxy or cement filler. A contractor will usually first insert an injection port into the crack. This port is like a funnel or tube, used to push the filler deep into the crack. A cartridge, similar to a caulking gun, then injects filler into that port.

repairing cracks in concrete foundation

Once filled, your contractor will smooth over the excess material. Those injection ports are then cut and filed down so they become virtually invisible. The filler can then be sanded or painted, as needed.

Foundation leak repair

Foundation leaks usually signal issues with poor drainage or excess moisture around your property. Leak repair typically involves first excavating the soil around the foundation. Second, a contractor will then plug any leaks as they do foundation cracks. Third, applying waterproof coatings offer extra protection against water damage.

Contractors might also install new weeping tiles, to help protect against foundation leaks. These porous pipes, buried alongside the foundation, absorb moisture and direct it to a drainage point. They then “weep” or exude damaging moisture, keeping it away from foundation concrete.


Severely damaged foundations often require underpinning. This process uses steel pins or concrete cylinders, also called piers. In some cases, a contractor will excavate under the foundation and then pour a concrete pier, allowing it to cure. That pier or pin provides support to the foundation, keeping a structure level and even.

In other cases, a contractor might insert a steel or helical pin deep into the ground, around the foundation’s outer edge. This pin is then attached to the foundation by way of a metal bracket at its top. The pin keeps the foundation in place and provides added support over the years.

House leveling

House leveling or slab jacking also lifts a sunken structure, keeping it level and even. This process starts with a pattern of holes drilled through the foundation. Next, a grout mixture is injected into holes, using a low pressure. As the grout fills those holes, it then becomes pressurized.

This pressurized grout or slurry lifts or floats a structure back into a level position. Additives might also be injected, to prevent the grout from shrinking. Lastly, the holes are then patched so they’re virtually invisible.

foundation repair contractors pouring concrete

Are Foundation Repairs Permanent?

Foundation crack fillers will often break down over the years. In turn, you might need to refill those cracks every 3 to 10 years. Grout used for house leveling might also degrade in time, depending on its quality. On the other hand, underpinning is usually a permanent fix for foundation issues. Steel pins are especially strong and offer support even in shifting soil. Foundation leak repair also lasts for decades, if not permanently.

Is Foundation Repair Worth the Cost?

Foundation repair is always worth the cost! One reason for this is that damage gets worse over time, as said. Additionally, a weak foundation allows a structure to settle and sink. In turn, it might suffer costly secondary damage.

This secondary damage might include cracks along interior walls and exterior brick or siding. Sinking can also mean ceiling cracks or sagging ceiling sections. Those cracks along a foundation also allow moisture into a structure’s interior. Excess moisture risks structural wood rot and even mold growth!

Property owners should also consider that a damaged foundation often lowers property values. You can then lose any equity you’ve worked to build over the years. Foundation damage also makes it difficult to sell a property over the years. On the other hand, proper foundation repair protects that property’s value.

How Much Does Repairing a Foundation Cost?

On average, foundation repair might range from around $2000 to $7000. Most homeowners can expect to pay about $4500 for expert foundation repair.

As with any other project, foundation repair costs vary according to damage extent, quality of materials, and a contractor’s rates. For example, you might buy a foundation crack repair kit for about $300 and apply fillers yourself. While this is cheaper than hiring a pro, that material might break down sooner than commercial grade fillers.

As another example, concrete piers under a home might cost about $1000 each, while steel pins might average $3000 each. Both are very durable but steel is stronger and more likely to outlast concrete. This strength is especially vital if your property’s soil continues to shift over the years.

cracks in a foundation of home

Preparing for Your Foundation Repair

Other than basement repairs, a foundation contractor typically doesn’t need to access a home’s interior for needed fixes. However, you might secure small items near the repair area, to prevent damage caused by heavy vibration.

It’s also vital that you keep children and pets away from the work area. Foundation repair typically requires excavation, which means dangerous, heavy equipment. The excavations themselves are also dangerous!

A property owner might also ask their contractor if there is anything in particular they should do to prepare. For example, your repair contractor might ask that you keep the driveway clear, so they can bring in equipment easily. They can also ensure your questions are answered completely before work begins!

Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to bring this information to you. We hope it helped answer, what does foundation repair consist of? If you’re in need of expert fixes, call our Toledo foundation repair contractors today! Every project starts with a FREE inspection and all work is fully guaranteed. So, what are you waiting for? Foundation damage lowers property values and risks costly repairs around your property. Our expert fixes protect those values and your home or commercial structure. Find out more by calling us today!


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