We Provide a Quality Crawl Space Inspection for Toledo Properties

Meticulous Crawl Space Inspection in Toledo, Ohio

Are you the proud owner of a pier & beam foundation? If so, then you have a crawl space area beneath your home. But did you know that we offer a free crawl space inspection in Toledo? Yep, it's true! Our structural engineers will come to your home and perform a no-cost assessment.

Upon completion, we'll give you a detailed report of our findings, recommended repairs, and a quote to go along with it. We are a team of experienced foundation contractors who believe prevention is essential. So, by having your crawl space inspected, you're saving lots of money for future repair costs. Are you ready to get started? Great! Please call us today to set up an appointment.

crawl space inspection Toledo
crawl space area under a Toledo home

What are the Benefits of Crawl Space Inspection?

Having a FREE crawl space inspection in Toledo, OH, performed by our experienced structural engineers comes with many perks. For one, it takes the worry out of your day because you no longer have to wonder about the condition of your pier and beam foundation. Let's take a look at what a crawl space inspection reveals:

  • If there's an insect infestation, we'll find it!
  • Got excessive moisture and mold growth beneath your home? We'll locate the source.
  • If there's one thing detrimental to a foundation's health, it's cracking in the crawl space.
  • Bowing framework and wiring malfunctions can be discovered via the crawl space.
  • Sometimes the source of a crawl space problem is a failing vapor barrier.
  • You may have leftover building materials and asbestos hiding in your crawl space, and our contractors will identify them.

A crawl space inspection reveals a lot about your property and the foundation. Often we find issues that, if left untreated, could turn into costly nightmares. Would you like to learn more about our inspection protocol? Please head over to the company blog for an in-depth explanation.

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Has it Been a While Since You've Inspected the Crawl Space at Your Toledo Home?

Are you looking to purchase a new property and haven't yet had a home crawl space inspection in Toledo, Ohio? We highly recommend that you do before signing on the dotted line. A crawl space inspection can reveal a lot about the integrity of the foundation and framework of the house.

Perhaps, you live in a home that hasn't had a crawl space inspection in a long time. That's OK! The crawl space I an out-of-sight-out-of-mind type of structure. The sooner you have the area evaluated, the better, especially when you're noticing problems with your foundation that you cannot explain. You can schedule an appointment with us by filling out our easy online contact form.

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crawl space foundation toledo

Get in Touch with Our Crawl Space Company

It can be tricky determining your pier and beam foundation problems on your own. Going into the crawl space blindly is an overwhelming process, especially if you don't use the area for storage or other purposes. Our team at Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists lifts the burden off your shoulders and does the dirty work for you. Within a matter of hours, you'll know exactly what your crawl space's condition is and if it requires any repair work.

It's essential to call a licensed contractor for an assessment should you notice flooding in your crawl space, visible cracks, or signs of an infestation. We're here to tell you the truth about your crawl space, guaranteed.



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- Sandra D.

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Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial customers. Turn to our team for high-quality repair, waterproofing, basement work, and FREE inspections. We are excited to give you services you can trust.

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