Moisture-Free Crawl Space Waterproofing in Toledo

Comprehensive Crawl Space Waterproofing in Toledo

Dealing with a leaky crawl space is never a good time. In fact, it can be a daunting experience. However, that's where a company like ours comes in. For years we've offered top-notch crawl space waterproofing Toledo. There are many solutions to repairing a waterlogged crawl space, such as sump pumps and encapsulation.

After a thorough inspection of the area, we'll have a better idea of the origins of the leaks and how to fix them. Do you know that our inspections are entirely free of charge? We'll send you one of our best structural engineers to perform the evaluation without strings attached. You'll also get a zero-cost quote.

We like to keep our prices affordable, so plan on your estimate being competitive. Our contractors have decades of experience in the pier & beam foundation repair sector and in keeping crawl spaces dry and usable. We look forward to helping you with yours. Please feel free to call us at any time to schedule a consultation.

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Are There Major Benefits to Crawl Space Waterproofing Services?

There are countless ways that waterproofing under your house in Ohio, is beneficial. However, any excess moisture that comes in contact with your foundation can have negative ramifications. So let's look at why a dry crawl space is essential:

  • Protects Your Structures - When the crawl space is wet and soggy, the other structures of your home, like the foundation, wood beams, and flooring, can become damaged. Keeping the area dry prevents structural issues.
  • Protects Your Health - Deal you deal with asthma and other respiratory issues? A damp crawl space can exacerbate them! In addition, mold and mildew spores can travel into your home, causing a world of issues.
  • No More Vermin - Water-loving insects enjoy taking up residence in a wet crawl space, and so do other small critters. The area must remain dry to avoid infestations.
  • Lower Energy Bills - A wet, drafty crawl space causes heating and cooling bills to skyrocket!
  • Extra Storage Space - Do you know that the crawl space is an excellent place for storing items? However, without waterproofing, the crawl space isn't good for anything.

Add value to your home with crawl space waterproofing! We want to talk to you more about why keeping the crawl space dry is a wise investment.

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It's Essential to Install Crawl Space Drainage!

Are you looking for basement crawl space repair or drainage options in Toledo, OH? You're on the right track by visiting our website. The bad news is that the longer you wait to assess your damp crawl space, the worse the damages will be. You may begin noticing strange insects entering your living space, musty odors, and bad indoor air quality.

Those do not make for a happy household! The good news is we can stop those issues from happening in as little as one afternoon. There are a few ways we tackle swampy crawl spaces. Have you ever heard of vapor barrier installation? It's the process of tarping the crawl space's walls, floor, and ceiling but leaving the entrance open.

The next step is encapsulation, the same as a vapor barrier. After that, only the entrance crawl space is closed off. Our company also installs sump pumps and dehumidifiers to keep the area dry. Finally, when dealing with poor irrigation, we often recommend installing a French drain, which almost always solves the problem.

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The Top Local Waterproofing Company!

Since 1997, Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists have kept crawl spaces and basements free of flooding and excess moisture. We use time-tested techniques coupled with modern methods that ensure success. Our top priority is giving our customers exactly what they want.

There are many ways to keep the crawl space functional, but should a homeowner not need the area, we can close it up permanently via encapsulation. You're in control of how we handle your waterproofing services. Are you experiencing a foundation emergency? Our contractors are available 24/7 for emergency services. Keeping you, your family, and your home safe and sitting on solid ground is what we're passionate about.



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The crew from Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists was excellent to work with. They showed up right away when we called about our foundation problem. With the different options for foundation repair presented, we knew we were in charge, and it felt nice to be treated fairly.
- Sandra D.

Affordable Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Services in Ohio

We are dedicated to top-notch foundation repair for residential and commercial clients. We install waterproofing methods, inspect foundations for free, offer house leveling, and assess foundation cracking. Please get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer for waterproofing services.

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Just because your foundation has sprung a leak doesn't mean that it's a lost cause! Toledo Foundation Repair Specialists have a plan to make your foundation great again. Call us at (567) 318-7828
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